Metropolis Rise: New Art from London


Metropolis Rise : New Art from London is an excursion into the vibrant depths and folds of London’s current contemporary art scene, investigating ideas around collectivism, self-organisation, event, critical agency and the production and circulation of art and ideas in today’s multilayered metropolis. Selected from shows at public institutions, independent project spaces, art groups, emerging galleries and nomadic events and exhibitions across London, the works and documentation form a social anthropology and an index of activity and artists, covering the period 2001-2006 maybe more. The display structure - part customs inspections desk, part natural history display - presents a vivid array of art-making, with original sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, and video alongside recordings and ephemera of performances, installations, curatorial projects, independent publishing and film & fashion events.

Matt Franks
Necrobaroque, 2005
David Lock
Fracture, 2005

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
File Under Sacred Music, 2003


The exhibition is also a mapping of an international architecture - the bars, the clubs, and in-between city spaces where all this activity evolves. The exhibition is organised by artists, accidental curators who have been putting shows together at temporarycontemporary, a project space in London. As the name suggests it is a temporary project space, a result of the economic process of gentrification that effects every city. As the derelict areas are slowly developed there are many warehouse areas that for a short time become attractive to artist projects; they are cheap and sometimes supported by developers who want to raise the profile. The artists, be they in London or Beijing, are inevitably forced out by rising prices and another derelict but potentially up-and-coming periphery will have to be sought-out.